​​​Welcome to the Metatronia Therapy Foundation Site. We are the governing body for all Metatronia Therapists. The MTFOL is an accredited and approved training provider and this site shows the list of all approved Metatronia Practitioners. Full details regarding Metatronia Therapy, Products, Training, Workshops, Events, etc. can all be found on the Official website:  www.metatronia.com


The Metatronia Foundation of Light is a global training and support Arena which offers Vibrational Alignment, Ascension Assistance, training, workshops, materials and guidance for Lightworkers, Therapists, Healers and for overall wellbeing.  MTFOL  covers a broad spectrum of therapeutic tools, techniques and therapies. The Foundation provides a safe, nurturing and supportive environment to facilitate personal and spiritual growth on all levels and is open to all

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 The aim of the Foundation is to safeguard the sacred energies and purity of Metatronia Therapy, Students, Clients and Practitioners. Membership is only available to those that have been attuned to Metatronia Therapy.  

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