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​​​​​​​​Welcome to the Metatronia Therapy Foundation of Light. The MTFOL is the governing body for all Metatronia Therapists and is a global accredited and approved training provider. The MTFOL provide online training, support, in-person, Workshops and Distant Training Packages.  The aim of the Foundation is to safeguard the sacred energies and purity of Metatronia Therapy, Students, Clients and Practitioners.  MTFOL is a global training and support arena which offers Vibrational Alignment, Ascension Assistance, Attunements, Light Counsel, training, workshops, materials and especially guidance & support for Lightworkers, Therapists, Healers and is open to all.  We work through Source Light to assist the light evolution of Mankind. The Foundation provides a safe, nurturing and supportive environment to facilitate personal and spiritual growth on all levels. Full details regarding Metatronia Therapy, Products, Training, Workshops, Events, etc. can all be found on the Official website:  

Please visit the Practitioner Register for details of some of our global Lightworkers. 

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There is an Annual Practitioner Registration Fee payable by MT Practitioners who wish to show their details on our Register. Please click on the image below to purchase the ARF.