The Archangel Metatron Light Broadcasts are a weekly (free) distant Source energy transfer meditation where you are asked just to lie down to experience the flow of Source light into the vessel. A little time spent with Source each week to assist your ascension journey and vibrational alignment. The light will be distantly "broadcast" 
weekly every Sunday at 10pm. (That is 10pm wherever you are located in the world), just lie down and relax for up to 45 minutes. Archangel Metatron will orchestrates the light connection. The light works to support, nurture, align, unite and invigorate the living human vessel. The most conscious and intelligent light knows what is required for each unique Soul journey. Archangel Metatron guides us to "Trust, believe and be open to receive". To be open to receive we must learn to trust and be "receptive" to the unseen living conscious light. This magnificent light is the Source of all creation. This trusting also trains our "programmed system" to let go, moving into the higher vibrational aligned state to receive the Light. Simply be open to receive as you relax, relinquishing thoughts and mental body actions. If you fall asleep that is perfectly fine! This connection assists the consciousness in opening to the truth of light through the surrendering of the mental body. Just simply being open and receptive to your Source.

It is advised that you increase your water intake both before and after the light sessions.


Join our Ascension portal where we meet once a month on Zoom to discuss all aspects of Ascension, vibrational alignment, and awakening. Sessions are recorded. You have the choice to join in live by video, audio or as a silent participant. This is an opportunity for you to seek guidance, share experiences, Q&A sessions, experience Archangel Metatron's Light Transmissions as we bathe in the blissful light of Source. There are no set topics as we will go with divine flow! Once you sign up, the Zoom session links will be sent to you each month. The payment is for lifetime membership to the Ascension Portal. There is limited Membership availability. Sessions are up to 1 hour duration. Sessions will be the last Sunday of each month at 9pm BST or GMT UK Time. Recordings will be available.

Please note: The Ascension Portal will be the place to connect with me for further training, guidance and Source Light Connection. 


I work on a One-on-One training, mentoring, coaching and Light Counselling basis. Events are held from time to time and will be shown on this page.