​MTFOL offer a 50% discount Membership incentive with IICT for the first year Insurance, for those who join MTFOL as a Registered MT Practitioner.  As a Metatronia Practitioner you are eligible for automatic IICT membership.  To qualify for this please put the name "Tammy Majchrzak" as your referrer when applying to the IICT to ensure you receive your IICT referral bonus.  You can also cover yourself for other modalities using these details. You must be confirmed as a Metatronia Practitioner to apply for this offer. This is only available for the first year Insurance. 

Here are the Referral Links for automatic Membership and to find out more about IICT:


For MT Practitioners & Students who reside outside of the UK you can use this code PTP50%OFF when visiting thehttps://myiict.com/website for Insurance, also quoting "Tammy Majchrzak" and being confirmed as an MT Practitioner.

MTFOL verify all IICT/IPHM Insurance Applications