Metatronia Therapy is a recognised healing modality in Australia and New Zealand. If you are a Metatronia Therapist and reside in Australia or New Zealand and are seeking insurance to practice, then please visit the can also use Arthur J. Gallagher Insurers in Australia who recognise Metatronia Therapy:

Arthur J. Gallagher
289 Wellington Parade South
East Melbourne
VIC 3002
Tel: + 1800 222 012  - Fax: +61 3 9412 1666

The insurance company within the USA that covers MT under Energy Healing is www.alternativebalance.netIICT USA  recognises Metatronia Therapy and you can obtain insurance through them.  Find out more at the website below:

Shameen Pharman, Account Manager
Tel: 519-579-3330 Ext. 339
Fax: 519-579-1151
Toll Free: 1-800-265-2625

​Holman Insurance Brokers
Markham Office - Head Office
3100 Steeles Ave East., Suite 101
Markham, ON L3R 8T3
  Phone Toll Free
Fax (905) 886-5630
1 (800) 567-1279
(905) 886-5622 

For Canada Metatronia Therapy Practitioners can use Holman Insurance Brokers who will cover Metatronia Massage under Category C rates. 



HOTA recognise Metatronia Therapy for Insurance purposes. They insure it under energy healing in the category of "Bodyworker"


DSC-Strand Limited

(Now known as "Wellbeinginsurance")
 Swithins, Tilford Road, Farnham, GU9 8HU
Registered Office:
140a Tachbrook Street, London, SW1V 2NE
Registered in England No. 1879260.
Tel: (01252) 735806

Please contact DSC direct to arrange this insurance at the reduced rate. Please quote the following when you call.  - If you are Metatronia Healer I Level, quote MET.TH. I - - If you are Master Level, quote MET.TH.II - This will enable them to show the correct details on your insurance certificate.


Please see details on current Global Insurance Companies for Metatronia Therapy Indemnity. As a UK-based "Registered" Metatronia Therapist, (Registered means that your details show on the Practitioner register at, you can use DSC insurance company. The premium quoted will differ according to what other therapies you are currently insured for, but for Metatronia Therapy Foundation Members and due to the Foundation being Accredited, DSC offers a remarkable rate, probably the cheapest quote you will find for therapy Insurance in UK, particularly for Metatronia Therapy.  You can also use IICT UK for Insurance and IICT Australia/New Zealand/Canada/USA -  if living in these Countries.  Most Insurance Companies will recognise Energy healing if they do not specificially cover Metatronia Therapy.