​Main Global Contact
+44  7711524853 ​

(Main MT Contact for Denmark/Global)
Vibrational Energy Healer, Awakening Mentor, Light Counsellor, Master Attuner, Master Teacher, Master Practitioner 
Metatronia Therapy® & MT Massage Workshop Facilitator
Offers sessions in English and Danish

MAYA BRINGAS BSc., BEd. - Master
Main Canada Contact/Global 
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Phone:  780-885-0089 

Metatronia Light Counsellors offer Light Counsel, advising others from a higher conscious state, working directly with and through Source, to deliver vibrational expansion, guidance, insight and assistance. This level of counsel is not the same as "conventional" counselling. It works through the simplicity of light connection that aids the vessel in aligning with its divine blueprint. Through the silent workings of Source Metatronia Light Counsellors are able to very swiftly align all aspects of the vessel with particular focus on areas that would normally require hours, perhaps months of conventional counselling sessions. It is not necessary to "re-live the story or event, as through the light connection much is aligned within the vessel. 


  • Ability to work directly from, through and with Source to assist vibrational alignment
  • Works through transparency and Divine Truth
  • Assists the Vessel/Light Preparation
  • Assists through a very finely tuned “Vibrational Antenna”
  • Receptive to Source light Geometries
  • Intermediary between individual and Source
  • Creates and holds a space to assist another through Light intervention
  • Connects to Source's divine and intelligent consciousness
  • Works to transmute density within others through Source Electromagnetic frequency
  • Has the ability, through source intervention/linkage,  to align neuro-pathways – bringing clarity to the mind, thoughts, conditions
  • Light Advocate/Light emissary
  • •Ability to “vibrational read/interpret” the energy of another vessel
  • Conduit of divine light
  • Ability to create a sacred space
  • Has the ability to pick up vessel vibration - Bio-Reading​