"Archangel Metatron assists our light Alignment. Through vibrational shifting we align with

divine heart, divine mind, divine soul, divine vessel" 


 Metatronia Metaphysicians (MtPHY) can be contacted to assist your journey of Ascension. Some may specialise in one particular area such as Trauma Therapy, Energy Healing, Light Counsel. Some are multi-disciplined and offer a variety of support services. Encompassing the teachings of Archangel Metatron who is here at this time to assist the light evolution of mankind.  They are Ambassadors of Divine Light. We are truly honoured to have them as part of our Foundation. They have completed all of the MT Training portfolio and can be contacted for their services as a Metaphysician. This is not a certification that MTFOL gives lightly as it takes dedication as a Lightworker, conscious light connection, vibrational integration, expansion, client interaction and for some, up to 5 years of earth-based study. Simply, yet profoundly stated, our MT Metaphysicians are 'Divine Light Physicians'.

 "A Metaphysician is often classed as "one who works above and beyond the known". 

We are going beyond this with Metatronia Energy. We are working directly with the Light of Divine Law, through the guiding hand of Archangel Metatron. This opens up a whole new level of being. The light works very swiftly as it vibrationally recalibrates (prepares, opens and expands) the vessel to work through the truth of light. Our Metaphysicians have been on their own unique journey of awakening and vibrational expansion through the Light. They work directly with Source to support the vessel through divine light connection. 

"The most spiritual of experiences are not found in books. It is a unique vibrational encounter where the mind, body, heart and soul unite with Source, the essence of all creation. Uniting in a most sacred place within where the recipient begins to comprehend, from a higher conscious point, the divine mechanisms of Source light".


All of our Metaphysicians are available on both a local and global level. 

Tammy Majchrzak

Metatronia Founder

Location: UK

Main UK/Global Trainer & Mentor Contact 

​Kristina Mie Andersen

Location: Denmark

Main Denmark Trainer/Mentor Contact

Indhair Sing Gill


Dr Hugh. M. Quigley  


Janett Wawrzyniak PhD 


Debs Nixon


Samantha Young

07871 773881