"I don't have the words to express or indeed explain what was felt during the Webinar workshop. There was a kind of presence, an all seeing energy, an all encompassing light where I found myself relaxing and just surrendering. I have never been able to just relax and drift off so easily. I felt safe, humbled, and a feeling of such divine love within me. I am still, quite stuck for words. Thank you for all you do and what you bring to humanity at this time. I can imagine that many don't understand this stuff but what I felt, although I cannot explain it, I know that it must be very close to the real love we must all bring into our hearts. I really do feel so uplifted. Thank you so much".

"Not what I was expecting at all. I was expecting the usual normal workshop. This was more about feeling the energy and being almost within a vortex of light for the whole workshop. I came away inspired, and feeling uplifted in ways I still cannot quite describe. Thank you for your unique way of teaching and your loving, divine energy".

I am 75 years of age and have always been interested in vibrations and always searching. I have to say that since becoming attuned to Metatronia Therapy I feel that much is falling into place. I feel as if I can let go of the search and just be at peace within myself with an energy around me that fills me with love, comfort and great peace.

"The energy felt just wonderful.  I was completely wide open and surrendered every single part of myself.  I didn’t have any resistance whatsoever.  I had a hundred percent trust in you, Metatron and the whole process.  I made sure to keep drinking plenty of water.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!  I absolutely LOVE the energy and am tremendously grateful to you for the treatment.  You have an amazing, unique gift and have so much to give to the world and to offer to others who need help, guidance, comfort, healing and upgrades of light and love."  Lesley  (England, distant session with Maya Bringas MT Practitioner).  


"Thank-you for sharing MT. I don't even have the words for how much I LOVE this energy! ".

METATRONIA MASSAGE PRACTITIONER TRAINING - "I went over all the materials and I have been practicing on my husband. I wanted to get some unbiased feedback from my husband so I did not tell him anything about the Metatronia Massage. I just told him that I was doing some energy work on him and afterwards tell me what he experienced. Immediately, once I invoked the energy my hands got extremely hot. My husband said he didn't want me to take my hands off because the energy was so soothing on his muscles. He said it felt much stronger than Reiki and it felt like it was healing his muscles and tendons. He kept on asking me throughout the session what kind of energy was coming through because he had never felt such a healing vibration for the physical body. Eventually I told him what I was doing and he was amazed how the Metatronia energy could be used specifically for the physical body as well. This is now my husbands favorite healing modality so I work on him a lot now..lol. When I work on myself I have felt such a soothing energy going through my body as well. I have also been having much more images of geometric images in vibrant pastel colors come through. I have also noticed my energy is rising again because my dreams are very vivid and I am able to direct myself within them. I definitely feel like my physical body can hold on to the higher vibrations now. This is such a wonderful way of applying the Metatronia energy. Thanks Tammy for everything!!'

"This lady is something else...a pure channel, a divine soul...such light, such love...such honesty...I did this through distance but my, it was an awesome experience...just goes to show that the Universe has so much for us to tap into and trust....thank you." Tia, Brazil (distant participation).

Hi Maya, thanks for all this, that's fantastic!! Right from the start I felt something happening in my 3rd eye and lots in my stomach area. I felt as though I was floating for the whole thing which was awesome. When they were finished, I heard someone say they were done, I turned my head and looked at the clock and it was exactly 11:00. I laid there for a little while letting it all soak in and when I got up, for the first 15 minutes or so my eyes felt really weird, as though I was seeing through new ones so that was cool, it felt as though they had been adjusted somehow. Later in the day I did have some emotional stuff come up from my past but since then, I have received the answers regarding all that which is great. I also feel as though my connection with my Higher Self and my God Self is a lot stronger and last night and this morning I channeled some amazing messages from them which is great!! So, all in all, it was a wonderful experience so thank you so much. I will definitely recommend it to others for sure. :)"  (Session with Maya Bringas, MT Practitioner).

"I only came in for a coffee and a chat and wasn't expecting what turned out to be an absolutely breathtaking, uplifting and transforming day...no looking back now".

"This was the second session I have had with you, and I have to admit that being guided to your website was one of the biggest gifts I could have ever received. I have been reconnected with my internal truth, and the ways my life has changed in this short time is nothing less  than miraculous! You are so very special, and this world really needs you!"

"I wanted to say a word or two about the workshop.  I love your easy style of teaching.  You made it comfortable for all of us and allowed us to share and get to know each other.  Your personal devotion and love for Metatron was so apparent and you were an inspiration to all.

"I saw so many colours and shapes and Rainbows and swishes of light and  OMG I just felt so relaxed but like in another place completely free from any density. It was pure bliss. Thank you so much. I feel totally renewed. I have never felt like this before. This was just sooooo Divine!!!!"

"This was not what I was expecting. From the moment I met Tammy the energies were just so intense. I was out of it for most of the Workshop in this blissful bubble of pure love and something I cannot quite put into words but a feeling of being held by a most beautiful, abundant love....such a powerful energy which is still with me. Thank you for this wonderful event". 

"Never have I felt such a divine connection within the room and within myself. It was as if I was scanned and everything was released that I needed to release. So awesome and yet I felt so very safe, almost as if I was held in the hands of the Divine". 

"What a divine light you are for the world. Your humour and honour for all that you do just oozes out of every pore lol! thank you for an amazing session. I look forward to meeting you again soon".

I will admit to be very sceptical about doing an attunement from a recorded show! but the energies were so amazing. I slept for hours and fell into a deep abyss as if I was floating on the wave of just pure bliss. My back pain has subsided and I feel as if I have been completely renewed. I wanted to thank you for this divine experience. I now have no barriers and will keep on surrendering.

See more Testimonials at www.metatronia.com

"Your style is so engaging. It was a lovely day and you covered the material very well but more importantly you are the perfect choice and the perfect voice and I can see why Metatron chose you to head this organization.  It’s who you are and how you encourage and have just the right balance of leadership and humility.  You are a lovely example of one who has surrendered and is devoted to this path.  There is a lightness and humor you bring which is just the right touch. Looking forward to Oct.  With love and appreciation".

"A-m-a-z-i-n-g...stuck for words...this was fabulous.....so much to open up to, and to learn etc....and so beautifully put across, thank you. "

This has been an amazing journey. I have never felt energies so intense as this before. I am a Reiki Master Teacher and I feel that I have just taken my vibration up to a whole new level. It really has been a wonderful experience that just gets better every day as I open up to the vastness of Source. Even my clients are asking me what it is I am doing new as they feel the energy so intensely.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.