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When you are attuned to MT you will be provided with a Workbook for the relevant level (Healer or Master Levels). There are recordings of past MT Practitioner Training webinars available in the MT Practitioner Dropbox facility which is shared with all MT Practitioners at the time of Attunement. There are also Light Transformation Coaching Programmes, One-on-One Skype/Zoom Sessions/Live Attunements, Training, Telephone/Email support options and global training with registered MT Workshop Facilitators.  Metatronia Healing can be carried out by Healer Level I Practitioners and MT Attunements can be carried out by MT Master Level II Practitioners. Details of all current Practitioners are shown on this website under the Practitioner Register page. There is a one-off Membership payment, payable at the time of Attunement,  of £15 to cover Registration & administration. All training for MT Practitioners can be done in person and via Skype/Zoom live Training.  MTFOL offers full guidance support to all our Practitioners. There is also an Annual Practitioner Registration fee to show on the Practitioner Register (£20). SYou are fully supported every step of the way on this journey. For Full Training details please contact Tammy@metatronia.com